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Goodbye 2008.. Hello Two Thousand Nueve

31 Dec
2008 has been very good to me..
2008 has shown me what career I dont wish to follow and persue. Which is cosmotology. 2008 has taught me to be more independent. It sent me 4,000 miles away from home. Forced me to make new friends and experience new things. Eventhough I complain about the move all the time, it has really taught me a lot about myself. 2008 has brought someone very special into my life, but along with the giving, it has taken a few wonderful people out of my life as well. 2008 has taught me to be patient, but also not waste my time on things that will never change. It showed me that change can be a scary thing but with the love and support of family and friends I can make it through.

In 2009, I will take time to appreciate the things I have taken for granted. See life for the beautiful and amazing thing that it is. I’ll do what makes me happy and not what people expect of me. I will live MY life the way I feel it should be lived. Hopefully make a move back to the east coast in the next few months.

I hope everyones 2008’s were amazing and I hope your 2009’s will be blessed with even more joy and happiness!


Sooo I was thinkin right?

29 Dec

And I was watching some UFC bullshit on tv last night and I know all the fighters are in the same weight class. But what if theres a dude that use to weigh 235 lbs but dropped down to fight in a lower weight class? Maybe something like 210 lbs? And then theres another guy that use to weigh 185 lbs but now he gained weight to fight in the 210lb weight class. Whose at more of an advantage? Or are they just both in the same boat? I dont know why I was thinking about this or why I even care. I cant watch that shit anyways.

Home Sweet Home!.. and sweet rain drops!

24 Dec

I made it home safely and Christmas Eve was sooo much fun!.. Got to see a lot of family on my dad’s side and they are a lot more fun than my mother’s side of the family which I saw today. I got a new digital camera so expect more pictures :).. Its been so good to just chill and stuff with everyone. And as much as my little sisters annoy me, I missed them a bunch. It hasnt snowed tho. Just a lot of rain. blah!

Being home just makes me not wanna go back to Cali but I more than likely will, if just for a little bit. My uncle was drunk out of his mind last night and could still tell that I would rather stay home than go back to Cali. He said, “you need to live your life and do what you want to do, and not do what others expect you to do. The only expectations you need to fill are your own.” I was in shock, cuz he could barely make it up the stairs but he’s spittin all this knowledge at me. So I’m gonna think about it I guess. I had to sleep on the couch last night! OMG! Not comfortable at all. The family woke up around 8 we opened presents. I just got money and a dock for my mp3 player cuz I cant take much back with me. The weather is cold, but I’m not complaining, thats what I signed up for. Now the whole family is just chillin watchin batman by the fire. Its great being home for christmas 🙂

*P.S.- I forgot to tell yall about this old dude on the train on the way to the airport. First of all it was my first time on the little metrolink and this dude is sitting across from me sleeping. All of a sudden he wakes up and says, “it looks like we’re in the same seats as yesterday.” So obviously this old man thinks I’m someone else but I dunno so all I say is “yup, it looks that way” and I put my headphones on and listen to music. Then he starts talking to me. So I’m sitting across from this man for 20 minutes pretending like I know him, when all I really wanted to do was be like “BITCH, I dont know ur old retarded, sleepy dust in the eye, havin ass. UGH!” But forreal, I was about to steal his little ipod touch thing and run. But then I forgot I had 3 pieces of luggage with me and it woulda been hard to get my Marion Jones (minus the roids) on with all that equipment.

Sisterly Love…

21 Dec

I got an email from both my little sisters this morning. Since I’ve moved to Cali we’ve talked several time but we were a lot closer, obviously, when I was back in Pittsburgh. They both have their own rooms now and apperantly thats going great cuz in my sister Nicole’s email she says, “hey katie. I know what mom got you for christmas. Email me back and maybe I’ll tell you. I cant wait to see you. But you better be going back to Cali after christmas cuz I cant share a room with Rachel ever again.”.. I was sitting here laughing and then my face went completely straight and I was just like “that little brat.”… Then Rachel e-mails me only to ask me to do stuff for her. Like burn her a cd or listen to the newest Jonas Brothers songs. SHEESH! Wait till I get back home on Tuesday, they are in for some shit.

But on a lighter and more positive note. I did a load of my own laundry yesterday and I’m pretty sure I didnt screw anything up.

I come with BAGGAGE!

21 Dec

I leave to go home on Tuesday and I pull out my 3 piece luggage set that I bought shortly after I got to Cali. I’m lookin at this shit like “damn I thought you 3 pieces of luggage were bigger.” And yes, I’ve been home alone for over 48 hours so I begin to talk to luggage. Anywho.. I’m shoving random articles of clothing into the luggage just to see how much I can fit. I’m packing a lot of like sweaters and hoodies cuz I’m thinkin after all this warm weather I’m gonna be a little bit of a baby when I get back to the coldness. SO I get a good amount of clothes in there and I’m like “ok, I can mostly fit all this in there.” Mind you, I’m a horrible packer. I pack EVERYTHING! So I’m looking and I gotta bring a few pairs of shoes. Gotta have some nice ones to wear on christmas, gotta bring some sneakers cuz I have a very important basketball match up against a very special man, and I gotta have some like chill shoes. Oh, and I cant forget my slippers. So I’m pullin out clothes that I hopefully wont wear and I make room for the shoes. I got like 7 pairs of shoes in this little ass bag. Then I’m like “alright, I’m good.” Then it hits me. What the fuck about the christmas presents I got my mom, dad, and little sisters? So I’m clearing out more clothes, I put away a pair of shoes and I finally fit the gifts in as well. And then I look at it and I’m like “ok good. Now lemme take out all this random bullshit and put in all the stuff I’m actually gonna bring.” Luckily I have like 2 days to do laundry and sort out all this stuff cuz its gonna take me awhile… BUT I’m still very excited. Not only will I get to see family, friends, my bubby bear, and my puppy, but I bought a really cute, fly ass wool coat that I cant wear in LA. So I’m excited about that too. But yeahhhh.. a little over 48 hours and I’ll be on my way back to the eastcoast :)…

One of those days… You just wanna PUNCH an old lady…

18 Dec

So I was at work today, minding my own business, fixing shoe boxes and what not… And I’m pretty sure this old ass, ugly ass woman walked behind me and whispered “heffer!” I’m not positive, BUT, I got some young ears, and I know what I heard and I know what it sounded like and it sounded like the word heffer. That old woman was lucky she didnt get knocked in her dome piece cuzzo.

OMG! I’m about to throw a BITCH FIGHT… Dont make me have a B.F… WTF?!

16 Dec

I thought it wasnt suppose to rain in southern California? What is goin on?! I’m about to get Noah on the gotdamn phone and get on building this fuckin arch. I went shopping today and had to run in and out the rain. Kinda sucked. Woulda been better if it was snow but I’m not complaining, I kept my trusty umbrella ella ella eh eh eh with me all day 🙂 So it wasnt so bad but my hair was a mess. But anyways.. One week until I go home! I gotta work tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. Maybe that will make my week go faster. I hope so. My aunt is leaving to go home on Thursday, so I’m gonna be all by myself for like 4 days, and I’m scared so if anyone wants to come keep me company I’m down.. So today I go and buy some jeans, a few sweaters and stuff and a pair of sneakers. And some stupid chinese dude talked me into buying all this shoe polish and shoe protective stuff that I dont see myself using. I’m about to put it on craigs list LOL. I couldnt even understand him and I was in a hurry so I was like “yeah, sure, gimme that one too. Yeah, I’ll find some time to use that one just put it in the bag.” But I did donate $2 to some charity or foundation or something for children 🙂 .. I cant say no to the kids.

OMG! And I dunno if its just in the area that I’m living in or if people are really just broke but everytime I go to the shopping center to get groceries theres ALWAYS people comin up to me asking me for money cuz they are unemployed and homeless and shit. Every single time I go out. I’m not unemployed but if I give anymore money to these broke mothereffin assholes I’m gonna be just as broke as them. I’m thinkin its a skam of some sort, cuz the people that are always comin up to me got like the same story and they all got lil chilren with them. Hmmm.. I’m done giving my money to them tho. Sheesh… I’m listening to that Foreign Exchange album right now, as always. Its amazing and if you havent heard it yet, you need to.

But I’m off to bed…