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I Need Your Help

28 Jun
I need to find a red, white, and blue sundress before like tuesday online somewhere. I want it kinda poofy at the bottom and in a size like 7 or 8. If you find anything I’ll love you forever!


Favorite Flicks!

28 Jun
My Cousin Vinny is on and its gotta be one of my favorite movies ever! Shits hilarious.
So what’s your favorite movie?

Can I Get Some Butter With Those Rolls?

24 Jun

So my boyfriend (I cant call him the “boo” anymore cuz he thinks its hoodratish, whatever that means) was reading this stuff online and it said that studies show that 63% of women have an increased chance of obesity when living with their significant other.

Now, I dont know why that is but I’ve been feeling a little big lately. So we’ve been running/walking for the past couple days. I want to cut out fast food but Wendys got that new Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken and its amazingggg! But I’m done with all the fast food. I need to get serious about working out and stuff again. I feel like it wasnt that long ago that I had this crazy nice body, but when I think about it, it’s been atleast 4 or 5 years since I’ve been comfortable with my body. But what-ev. I’ll get back on it soon.

Now we’re chilling, watching Wipeout. It’s hilarious.
Have a nice night!


23 Jun

I’m a sucker for old episodes of I Love Lucy 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

The Big 2-5

19 Jun

So Sam’s cousin John turned 25 yesterday. The night before his birthday we decided to go get some alcohol and drink a little bit. John doesnt drink anymore (eventhough he’s above, holding MY Colt 45). So me and the boo drank and John had some non alcoholic shit. I got a little buzzed I guess. I had the hick ups and shit was NOT fun!

And yesterday we went to SONICCCC!!! It was my first time there. I wasnt very hungry but I got one of those Frito Chilli Cheese wrap things. It was amazing to say the least. And I got an Oreo blizzard or whatever Sonic calls them.
Not a very exciting 25th birthday I’m sure.. But after you turn like 21 how much fun are birthdays suppose to be? You’re simply just old as hell…

But yeahhhh, hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Work is Scarce, Competition is Fierce…

16 Jun

So today I went around and got a few applications at a few places. Looking for a J-O-B in Jersey now.
Cross your fingers and pray for me.

Just Curious, but…

16 Jun

Whenever I had my old phone I got text messages everytime I got a comment on my blog. I dont remember how I did that. I just registerd my number to blog spot, so will that send me texts when I get comments? I need help!
Thanks in advance.