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29 Jul

So I got this app for my Droid. It has like a fishlens, this thing called a toy cam that makes pics look kinda green and blue. It’s pretty neat.

If you have a Droid, get the ap called FXCamera. It’s free and you’ll thank me later.


Jersey Shore Season 2!!!

29 Jul
I’m sooo excited! I didn’t think the second season would be good but the previews and trailors look amazing!
I hope Angelina gets cussed out the minute that she gets into the house. I hope Snookie gets smashed and acts hilarious. I can’t wait to see all the girl fights!


18 Jul

While we were in the movie, there was a trailer for this movie called Due Date. It has Robert Downey Jr and Alan from The Hangover. It’s actually the same director from The Hangover also. It looks hilarious. I’m really upset that it doesn’t come out sooner.
But check out the trailer!

My Saturday Night

18 Jul
Lately, Sam has been at work a lot, and since I don’t have a job I’ve been at home a lot. So last night Sam got off work at 5 and I spent 2 hours trying to get all cute and pick out a cute little outfit. We went out to a local place that we go to eat at a lot and I had a caesar salad that was really good!
Sam got some kind of chicken something or other. We sat and talked for a while and it was so nice. I almost forgot what quality time was!.
THEN…. We went to go see Inception and I’m not going to spoil anything but it was amazing. It’s a mind blowing movie. If you haven’t seen it, you have to! But go to see it at a nice movie theater cuz the one that we went to smelled like giraffe piss. UGH!
Today, I’m going to clean up a little bit cuz I’ve been slacking big time.
I hope everyone had a really nice weekend! Take it easy today cuz Monday morning will be here before you know it! 😦

I LOVE THE 90’s!!!

14 Jul
I know that I’m always talking about how much I love 90’s music. Maybe I haven’t been talking about it but I’m always listening to it, especially when I’m blogging. I just downloaded the top 200 hits from the 90’s and I’ve uploaded it to rapidshare so that I could share it with all of you!

It’s in two parts because I couldn’t fit all 200 songs into one upload! It’s soooo worth downloading. It takes a little while but it’s a great collection of music. A lot of the songs I had no idea who sang them, but I knew all the words.
So, if you’re a fan of the 90’s music scene… You’re welcome.
🙂 Happy Hump Day!!! 🙂

Looking for Love vs. Love Finding You

13 Jul
I believe that everyone goes through stages, when they want to be in love sooo bad that they can’t stop looking for it. But they end up looking in all the wrong places. I’m a firm believer of just sitting back and letting love find you. But when you’re letting love find you, you can’t be picky! People expect to be swept off their feet right off the bat. You need to allow love to run it’s course and develop into something you can’t live without. When you’re looking for love you’re nit-picking every little thing about a person and not truly getting to know them for who they really are and who they really are is what you fall in love with.
If you’re on the quest for love and you don’t want to sit around and wait for it, good luck to you. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
If you are waiting for love to find you and you’re getting anxious, just keep on keeping on. Love is most likely right around the corner!
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VLOG # 2

8 Jul

I promise I’ll write an actual blog soon. I was just extremely bored yesterday!