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Final Hours

28 Feb


I’m in the final hours of being 21. This year has gone pretty down hill. I started out with a job and now I’m currently unemployed. Got in a lot of legal trouble and made some really stupid decisions. Turning 22 is going to be good for me though. I plan on getting a job and then going after what I really want to do. I’m going to go to school for journalism and take some photography classes. I need to get my life moving. I feel like somehow I put my life on pause and have just been waiting for something to happen instead of going and getting what I want.

Well, at least I hope so but only time will tell.


Welcome Home!

27 Feb

Coming home after you haven’t been for a few months is the greatest feeling EVER! No matter how much chaos there is in the house, everything just feels right. This was the first time Sam and I flew to Pittsburgh and hopefully from now on that’s how we’ll continue traveling here. The flight was sooo quick.

My mother had family functions planned all weekend long so I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and getting a lot of birthday cards :).

My mom making her pepperoni breads. She’s so cute haha!

My young sister Nicole, Rachel, and me!

Rachel and I.

Me and Nicole.

Nicole and Sam making their funny faces.

Some fire pit that was on the back deck. It’s cracked down the middle so it’s not usable anymore, but I liked how it looked.

I LOVE this picture of Sam. I think he looks so handsome!

My cousin’s baby, Landon! He’s about 3 months and he’s adorable!

And this is Landon, my cousin Jess and her husband John. What a cute little family they make 🙂


So I just thought I’d post a few pictures since I had just uploaded them. I’m currently uploading songs onto an iPod touch that I’m giving my dad for his 50th birthday which is March 16th. He’s going to love it, once he figures out how to use it.

Sam and I are thinking about going to the Andy Warhol museum sometime while we’re here. I’m pretty sure it’s closed tomorrow but we’ll probably go on Tuesday or something.

I’ll definitely be posting more pictures soon but I hope you’ve enjoyed these ones 🙂



How to win an argument with your significant other…

25 Feb


I’d like to start this entry off by saying I am a PRO at winning small, pointless arguments. Although this may sound stupid to many of you, I take pride in my self-proclaimed title of Pointless Argument Winner! I’m not good at winning big arguments, but I think if you’re good at winning big arguments you probably shouldn’t be in the relationship you’re in. Most likely that means you’re a veteran at arguing and that’s no good.

So anyways, I thought I’d just give the ladies some pointers on winning a few little relationship “tiffs”, if you will. Guys, if you’re reading this, you’re no longer needed here… Please leave.

First things first – You need to at least have ONE valid point in your favor. It doesn’t have to be a great point and to be honest, sometimes you can just make up a point. Let’s say for example you think your guy doesn’t spend enough time with you. He comes home from work and jumps right on the XBOX one day that week. There you go, that is ONE point. You’re going to want to keep reiterating that point over and over again but in different ways every time.

For example:  (1)”You come home from work, hardly even kiss me or say hello and you’re right on the fucking game system.

(2) “It’s like you’re more in love with your xbox than you are with me!

(3) “Maybe your xbox can kiss you good night or jerk you off from now on because I refuse to come second to some electronic brain washing machine!

Next – The more dramatic the better! As you can tell with my examples above, they’re a little over the top and that’s definitely alright. The more dramatic you are the more he’s thinking “wow, this must really bother her.” That or, “this broad is out of her mind.” Either way, you’re winning at this point.

Thirdly – Lots of body motions. You need to be flailing your arms and hands. You need to be stomping your feet on the ground kinda like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny when she was yelling about her “biological clock ticking”. This kinda has to do with the last point about being dramatic but this is definitely an important factor! Believe me!

Lastly – You need to be louder than he is. If he can’t hear you clearly, you’re not winning anything. As a matter of fact, if the neighbors can’t hear you then no one knows that you’ve won except for yourself. So yell and scream so that your point gets across. Don’t be shy.

After you’ve won it’s always nice to bask in the glory but don’t relax for too long. It’s always nice to comfort your loved one after a while. I usually hit Sam with, “I’m sorry for getting so out of hand but I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from now.”  While saying that, don’t forget to smile. Being able to say that is like getting handed a trophy by the Pointless Argument Committee (PAC). Now, get started on your acceptance speech!



24 Feb


I was reading my friend Courtney’s blog, and you should all check it out at . One of the post really got me thinking about blogging. I realized that I honestly admire people that can blog about ONE topic and be consistent. I’m not dedicated or committed enough to even attempt to do something like that.

I want my blog to be different. I feel like everyone is making photography blogs and blogs about sports, music, make up, and up to date gossip on celebrities. I don’t care about any of those things enough to blog about them all the time. This is why my blog is so unpredictable and unstable. I blog about whatever is going on in my boring life and no one cares. I want to be able to go to crazy events or parties and blog about it. I want to be able to go to amazing places and take pictures and tell stories about the people I met and the shit that I saw. I want to interview interesting people and have my readers genuinely excited to read about it.

BUT, until that time comes… you guys are stuck with my lame entries. Stick with me and I promise it’ll get better!


Optimist or Pessimist?

24 Feb

Everyone loves an optimistic person… Everyone, except for me. When someone is mad cheerful and positive all the time it gets on my mother fucking nerves! If you’re asking me if I’m an optimist or pessimist, I’d have to say that I’m a pessimist. But if you were to ask if I’m an optimist, pessimist, or realist, I’d definitely have to go with realist.

I don’t ALWAYS think that something is going to go wrong and I don’t always see the bad in everything but most of the time, I’m realistic and see it how it actually is. My husband says that I’m pessimistic but what does he know? I’ve been in ridiculous situations and I’ve seen crazy shit happen so I’d be stupid to think that everything is going to work out in my favor all the time. That’s not to say that I don’t ALWAYS hope that things will work out for me, but I just expect them to fall to shit. I believe the way I think works for me. If something doesn’t go my way, it’s no big deal cuz I expected that, but if it actually DOES go my way, I’m 10x more happy or excited.


I think everyone should be a realist cuz all that cheerful, pleasant shit is annoying… seriously!


My Dream Vacation!

24 Feb

Sometimes I check the posts on The Daily Post Challenge wordpress site for some inspiration. This was one of the topics I found and since I feel that I’m in dire need of a vacation, I’ll blog about this.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’M NOT A BEACH PERSON! I have psoriasis so when I sweat and get extremely hot, I break out in red blotches and it’s not pretty. I also hate getting sand in between everything and I hate the taste of salt water.

With all that being said, my dream vacation would be somewhere in the Midwest most likely. I want a small little modest sized cabin surrounded by big tall trees and an enormous lake in the back. I want a pretty extensive dock leading out into the clear lake and behind the lake I want there to be gigantic snow top mountains. And as a back drop to the mountains and trees I want a bright blue, cloudless sky!  Perfect temperature would probably be around 80 degrees with little to no humidity. A nice deck looking over the lake and mountains with some lounging chairs would be the ultimate cherry-on-top, but I’m not going to be picky. I’m not a huge nature freak but I could definitely see myself doing some hiking in a place like that.

I talked to Sam about this dream vacation of mine and he said that it sounds like some place in Lake Tahoe. So if you couldn’t picture my paradise in your head from the description above, then here is a picture of a place that kinda resembles what I’m looking for…


Where would your dream vacation be?


24 Feb

So I’ve been wanting a DSLR for awhile and I’ve been looking at a lot of Canon’s and Nikon’s but this camera really stuck out to me. I liked the look of it cuz it kinda looks a little old school and it’s not so bulky. The price wasn’t outrageous and so I got it for myself for my birthday!.. I haven’t really taken too many pictures with it yet but I’ll post a couple of the ones I did take. I’m excited to take it home with me to Pittsburgh this weekend and take a bunch of pictures for my scrapbook! (nerd status)


I wanted to take a picture of something really colorful cuz there was this feature on the camera called “Pop Art” which makes the colors brighter (as you can see in the picture above). So I just took a bunch of pictures of this shoe LOLLL

There’s some really cool features on the camera and I cannot wait to get out and actually start shooting with it. When I get back home I’ll definitely post a bunch of pictures and stuff.

This is the best birthday present everrrrrr! I can’t wait to share stuff with you guys!.