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This Weekend…

26 Apr
…was boring as hell…
Didn’t really do much.

Friday, I just chilled, rented a movie, talked to the boo.

Saturday, chilled with some people, watched the Penguins beat the Flyers and move on to series numero dos. ANDDD.. made a confetti cake thats amazing.

Sunday, woke up around 10 and went to my sister’s soccer game…
It was about 90 degrees outside, and my arms and shoulders got burnt, but its all good.

We went to eat before we went to the game and of course I brought a water bottle, drank the whole thing, and had to pee. Soo my dad took my back to the restaurant to use the ladies room :)..

But I’m about to watch some movie called The Wrestler. I dont really know what its about but, we shall see.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Blah, BIG Blah…

24 Apr
I’m a broke bitch and my phone got shut off. So now my only means of communication is thru the internet and the house phone, and no one likes using the house phone. I gotta find a job a.s.a.p.
Help meeee!
Happy Weekend!!!

Brilliant Idea, by your’s truely…

23 Apr

So since I’m lazy I’m not gonna re-type everything my boo just typed. Sooooo, click this for my fabulous idea for a sex tape :)… You can leave comments here or there about what you think.

To Band Wagon or Not To Band Wagon

22 Apr
I’ve noticed that almost every blog I’m following has a playlist of some sort. I’m thinking about putting one together, but only time will tell.
But please believe, if I do add one to the blog, it’ll shit all over yours.
So dont be filled with salt (Tommy reference), and I’m not talking about the epson kind either, HATER!

Straight Women, Lesbian Porn.

22 Apr
Am I gay?… Definitely not. Am I bi-sexual?… Nope. Am I bi-curious?… Not even.

But when I’m watching porn, I can only get off on lesbian porn. I dont think there is anything wrong with that, but I definitely wouldn’t say its normal. I’m not addicted to porn by any means, and I HATEEEE when females say they don’t watch it. You’re a gotdamn LIAR!. Don’t play yaself. But I was talking to a friend about me liking lesbian porn. Im not concerned or anything, cuz I know I’m not gay or bisexual or anything. I like dick. I like men, and at this time in my life, just one man, soooo it’s not a big issue. But I asked a friend of mine and she said something like, “you probably just don’t like to look at other guys naked, I am the same. I like to see the man I’m sleeping with naked but not some random dude with a weird *thingie*. Women are ment to be attractive, like a sports car. Everyone likes a sexy sports car, not to say everyone likes lesbian porn. But I feel you.”

So, needless to say, it made me feel better. Like I’m not the only girl out there that appreciates beautiful women.

On to a whole new topic now. THREESOMES!!!…

I don’t want to say that I would never have a threesome, but since I’m in a serious relationship now I wouldn’t want to. I can’t see myself spending my life with a man that I had a threesome with. Like me watching another girl do shit to my man? HELL NO. Would never happen. I was actually talking to my boyfriend about threesomes and we both decided, its not a good look. I did tell him that if I could clone myself then a threesome would be on the top of my list of things to do. But since thats not possible, negative.
Soooo, thats all I got for today I guess.
Happy Hump Day!

Ex-Boyfriends and Radar…

21 Apr

I guess this could also be about ex-girlfriends, but I wouldn’t know so I’m just gonna talk about ex-boyfriends for now. I’m pretty sure after everything ends with your relationship they have a happiness radar out on you. So they can find out the very moment you’re the happiest with the new relationship your in, and thats when they POUNCE. Like a retarded, down syndromed cat, right back into your life. Whether it be thru text message, or phone call, or email, or IM, or even stopping by unannounced. They can tell that you’re extremely happy and they see it as an opportunity to break something up, or they see it as a challenge to get you back. The weak at heart start to think about all the time you put into your ex, and all the “good times” you might have had and it makes you question the relationship you’re in now. But the people that are genuinely happy, the people with strong hearts, see it as a joke. A pathetic, humorless joke. An annoyance, if you will. If your past relationship ended because your ex cheated, left you for someone else, lied to you, didn’t give a shit, or all of the above, and you’ve gotten over it, and you’ve forgiven that person then thats when all of this becomes a joke.

The past couple months my ex has been texting me like once or twice a week. When he first started, I would entertain it and text back and let him know I had someone else, and how happy I am. But now… its so fucking annoying. I dont even read the texts anymore. I see the name in my inbox and it goes straight to the trash. I dont give a FUCKKK what he has to tell me, or what he has to say. Why would I? We’re not even on a friendship level, period.

But last night it was brought to a whole new level. My ex boyfriend’s current girlfriend called my phone. Not to spazz out or anything but to ask me why he has been texting me. My response was, “Umm.. well I’m sure you noticed there were no messages from me in the inbox, so I think you need to ask him why he is sending ME messages, cuz I have no idea.” And then she went on to say that he still talks about me a lot and how she’s tired of playing games with him and what not. It was just a very awkward situation. There was no point for the phone call to be made to me. She obviously has a lot to talk about with him.

I just think all this is very funny. And I know I’m not the only person this happens to. Sooo, I blogged about it.
Happy Tuesday!


19 Apr
Why do men sound so cute on the phone when they’re just waking up?!
I called the boo this morning to wake him up and he had like jumped outta sleep and sounded all cute and tired and stuff… Mmm, melts my heart.