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30 Aug


Day 18 – The last film you saw

18 Aug
Dinner for Schmucks
It was pretty good. I love Steve Carell and that guy from the Hangover. They showed a lot of the funniest parts on the commercial, as always, so most of the parts were expected. I’d definitely recommend it as a date movie.

Day 17 – Something you have created

18 Aug
My scrapbook!!!!


There isn’t a lot of pages to my scrapbook but I worked really hard on the pages that I do have completed. I love taking pictures and it was a lot of fun putting everything together.

Day 16 – A picture you’ve taken today

18 Aug
This is a pic of a salad, obviously, that I made on the 16th. It was “Day One” of becoming a vegetarian.

Sunday Funday

15 Aug
(Just some random pic we took the other day on our way home from dinner)
So usually I hate Sundays, but I think this one will be good. Sam gets off work at 7 and he’s off tomorrow for the first time in like a week! I love spending time with him. Last night we watched Date Night and Cop Out. Date Night was ok, I was expecting it to be good, but it wasn’t all that great. Cop Out was funnier than I expected. Tracey Morgan is hilarious!
I have to go grocery shopping but I’m procrastinating. I hate doing grocery shopping on Sundays cuz that’s when all the old people do their shopping and they’re so slow. But you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I think I’m slowly transitioning into becoming a vegetarian. I’ve always wanted to do it and it’s a goal of mine, but we’ll see how that goes.

Day 15 – Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play

15 Aug
So I update my iPod like twice a month. Which is a lot for me. I don’t like being out somewhere and being stuck listening to the same crap. So without further adieu….
1. TLC – Creep – CrazySexyCool
2. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know – The Collection
3. Whitney Houston – Run To You – The Greatest Hits Disc 1
4. ATCQ – Bonita Applebum – ATCQ
5. Q-Tip – Gettin Up – The Renaissance
6. Adele – Make You Feel My Love – 19
7. Jay Z – Excuse Me Miss – Blueprint 2
8. Madonna – Inside of Me – Bedtime Stories
9. NSYNC – Giddy Up – *NSYNC
10. Spice Girls – If U Can’t Dance – SPICE
LOL! As you can see my iPod is all over the place.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

Day 13 – Your celebrity crush

13 Aug
My favorite male celebrity is….
OMG! He’s so sexy!.