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27 Mar

The other morning I was in the car with my mother-in-law. She was tellling me all about whose on Dancing with the Stars and stuff. She was like, “there’s a football player on there, ya know?” and I said, “oh really? Who?” She was like, “I’m not sure what his name is but he’s the guy that gets fined for doing all that stupid stuff.” So of course my first thought was, “Oh, Chad Johnson.” And she was like, “no, he has some kinda spanish name, but he’s black.” And I burst out laughing and said, “Is his spanish name Ocho Cinco?”
Then she said yeah and I told her about his number and stuff. I just thought it was pretty funny.


22 Mar

Isn’t she beautiful? I just got her last weekend and I love her. Her name is Christy the Cranbrook Huffy and I got her really cheap from Walmart. hahaha! But she helps me excersize and look really cool
I’m definitely going to get a bell, a basket, and some really cool tassles. I’m gonna pimp her out.
But yeah, that is all.
Happy Monday! Even though Mondays suck!
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Question about YOUR Parents

13 Mar
What do you think your parents would be doing today if they didnt have any kids?
I dont know what made me think of this question but I was kinda curious today. I think my parents would be pretty cool/hip type older people if they didnt have kids. My parents are pretty cool now but I think they’d be even cooler without kids. Unless me and my sisters are the reason they’re so cool. Who knows?
I think my parents would live in a smaller house or maybe an apartment, and I think with their extra money and stuff, they’d go travel. I know my dad hasn’t really traveled much. My mom is always going to different places for work conferences. But whose to say if they would have the same job if they didn’t have kids? Maybe they would be doing something that they really loved to do instead of something they had to do in order to provide for their kids. I know my parents liked to do cool stuff like go camping and stuff like that before I was born. They definitely dont do that now though.
It’s a pretty crazy question, but now I’m asking you. I have a couple questions actually.
#1 – Are you an only child? If not how many siblings do you have?
#2 – Do you love your parents?
#3 – What do you think your parents would be doing if they didn’t have kids?
Happy Saturday everyone!!!
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I love comments, but REALLY?!

11 Mar
Some background info:
I have my site set up to text my phone whenever I get a comment on any of my blogs.
Ok, thats it.
So, Last night, at 2:30 am, I got a text. I woke up but went right back to sleep. Then another one, then another one, then another one, and another, and ANOTHER.
I’m going insane. It wont stop. My husband is yelling at me, asking me who it is, what is it, what do they want.
I keep telling him it’s comments on my blog and he’s like turn it off. I cant turn my phone off cuz I need my alarm to go off at 6:30 so I have to get up, get outta bed and go to on my laptop. BLAH!
I’m deleting anything with my phone number so it’ll just stop. I look at my blog and all the comments are from some stupid Gucci spam person. I was soooo mad!
Finally it stopped. I go back to bed. Lay down and cant go back to sleep.
So all I wanna say today is FUCK YOU SPAMMERS!!!
That is all.
Happy Thursday 🙂

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Italian Americans

10 Mar
I have a bone to pick with you. Why are you guys so upset about this show Jersey Shore? You tried to take MTV to court so that the DVD box set wouldnt be released? How dare you!

Jersey Shore is an amazing show and I dont know why you’re buggin’. I dont think all Italians act or are like that. Not at all. I dont even see the people in the house as Italians. I see them as young people having a good time at the Shore.

So please stop it.
Thanks 🙂
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I Need Some Support!

8 Mar
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21 Realizations About Being 21

8 Mar

1. I dont really like beer.

2. I dont really like drinking a lot, period.

3. I love drinks that taste like fruit.

4. I dont like the taste of alcohol.

5. Most bartenders are scum bags.

6. Mike’s Hard anything, is my favorite.

7. Becoming an alcoholic would be an expensive hobby.

8. And shots are expensive. And for what? Small ass drinks, smh.

9. I hate being drunk.

10. It doesnt take a lot to get me drunk.

11. I hate drinking with people that have a high tolerance for alcohol. I feel like I need to keep up and be the “champ.” I’m definitely not.

12. I may not like beer, but it tastes really good with cheesesteaks and greasy food. 🙂

13. I love making small talk with regulars at bars.

14. That whole thing about people tell the truth when they’re drunk is a lie. I’ve found people lie more when they’re drunk.

15. I like to smoke cigarettes when I drink but I hateeee smoking. It’s gross and not a cool habit.

16. I’m not a big drinker, so therefore I’m not infatuated with going to bars all the time. Even though I feel that I should be, since I’m 21 now.

17. After drinking, if I dont get sleepy first, then I get horny.

18. If I’m going to plan to go out to drink one night, I’m also going to plan to not do anything the next day. Once I drink. I need a full 24 hours to recover. Or else I’m a mess.

19. My first alcoholic drink ever, was Captain Morgan. Scarred me forever. Should have started a little lighter and maybe I would be more of a drinker.

20. I prefer to be drunk at a karaoke bar instead of a sports bar.

21. All in all, I really like being 21.