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With all the negativity, I’ll be positive

29 Jun


I’m alive! I’m in good health for the most part! And I’m currently jamming out to some Justin Timberlake (and wondering when he’ll drop a new album, cuz I need it!). I just realized the other day that Netflix has yoga on the instant stream so I’ve done it… just once so far but I really like it. It definitely helps clear my mind and decreases the amount of stress in my life. I’ve deleted my twitter also. The only time I was on it was late at night when I should have been sleeping and it was just a distraction. I also found myself following a lot of negative people. I have no more room for negativity right now, so I thought I’d just take a break for a little while. Focus on improving myself.


Dorthy in a twister

29 Jun


Sorry for the lack of posts. Lately, everything has been going pretty bad. I’m waiting for good news that doesn’t ever seem to come. I feel something like Dorthy while she was spinning and falling downward in the tornado. But she finally landed in Munchkin Land. Unfortunately, I don’t see any Munchkin Land in my future.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the job. I went in for my second interview and met with the President. She was extremely nice and straight forward. I didn’t really have any time to talk because she pretty much took over the 45 minutes that I had with her but I felt pretty good about it, even though she was a pretty hard woman to read. Yesterday I got an email from the first woman I interviewed with. She asked me to send her a list of a couple business references and I found out today that she called at least one of them. It’s just such a long, drawn out process, though. I haven’t stopped looking for other job prospects but I wanna know if I got this job or not!

On another horrible note, we’re pretty much getting kicked out of the house that we’re at now. Previously we were told to leave by July 15th and if we weren’t able to find somewhere else to stay we would have to pay $25 a day for anytime after the 15th. Luckily, we found an apartment that we really like but we can’t move in until August 1st. Sam was able to work something out so that we could stay here until August 1st without having to pay the $25. So, I guess that’s pretty much the only good thing that has happened in the passed couple weeks.

Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the job and hoping that I get some good news. Any good news for that matter. I just keep reminding myself that we’re not put through anything that we aren’t able to handle. I’m just looking forward to a break or some kinda vacation. A person can only take so much.

My life is like a yo-yo

21 Jun

Some people may compare their lives to a roller-coaster ride or a train wreck, but lately, the only thing I can find to correlate my life is a yo-yo. My luck is always up and down. Sometimes it’s hard to get up. And recently I’ve just gotten all tangled up in my emotions.

When things are going good for me something outrageous happens and knocks me down. I know I should just count my blessings and try to get over the hard times but it gets worse and worse. I’ve got to be due for a break sometime soon! If not I’m going to start looking for the hidden cameras cuz my life has got to be a fucking joke!

Happy birthday, Nicole!

19 Jun


Not only was today Father’s day, but it was my little sister Nicole’s 14th birthday. The picture above isn’t a great quality picture but it was taken recently at a Pirate baseball game with her “boy who is a friend”, not boyfriend. I cannot believe that my baby sister is 14 years old. I can remember going to the hospital when she was born. I was 8 years old and if I remember correctly, I wasn’t too excited about having another baby sister. I wasn’t excited about having another girl in the family that’ll take all of the attention. Little did I know, she pretty much turned out to be the boy my dad always wanted. She’s so athletic and so interested in sports and she is very anti-dress/make up/purse that it’s scary. Recently, she’s actually been dressing up and showing interest in fashion and looking nice. When she was like 10 or 11 she’d come home from school and tell us that she had a boyfriend and she’d invite him over to the house for a play day and all they’d do is go in the backyard and throw around a football or baseball. Or they’d watch a soccer game on TV.

But lately she’s turned into a beautiful young lady. She’s really beginning to find out who she is as a person. I’m proud of her because she’s not into making everyone else happy. She likes to stand out for being herself rather than just fitting in with everyone else. She’ll be entering high school this fall and I hope that she remains the same person that she is. I hope she doesn’t get sucked into cliques and I hope that she continues to concentrate on school and her athletics. I hope she doesn’t allow people to influence her negatively, and I hope she still has a little of that tomboy in her, because that’s truly who she is. It’s weird to say, but I kinda look up to my little sister. There’s definitely characteristics in both of my younger sisters that I’d love to embody and they definitely inspire me, even from 367 miles away.

Happy birthday Nicole!

The Business of Being Born

19 Jun


When I think of birth I think of doctors, nurses, IV’s, and of course, babies. I never think of midwives and delivering the baby in your living room in an inflatable pool filled with water. I just got done watching The Business of Being Born and it really opened my eyes to a subject matter that a lot of people don’t even consider in the United States. Less than like 8% of women are giving birth at home with a midwife and the cesarean rate is through the roof!

I guess it’s not really fair for me to even blog about this, 1) because I’m so easily influenced by documentaries and one sided takes on important issues, and 2) because I’ve never had a baby or needed a reason to consider all of this, but when I do get pregnant I definitely want to be aware of all my options.

They touched on a lot of the negative parts of having a baby in the hospital. One of the most important points, to me at least, was the labor time and how the hospital really just wants to get you in and out of labor. If a labor is taking too long they’ll pump you full of pitocin to speed up the process then when you start feeling all of the contractions from the pitocin you’ll ask for an epidural which will numb some of the pain. When you numb the pain though, it slows down the labor a little more and then you’ll need more pitocin and then another epidural. At this point you’re doing fine and not feeling a thing but the baby is being squeezed, deprived of oxygen in some cases and then guess what happens?.. BINGO! The doctor tells you “the babies heart rate is going up and we’re going to need to do a C-section.” They use the whole “your unborn child is in danger” routine just so they can do the C-section and get you in and out of the labor ward.

Of all the women having babies 1 and 3 of those women are getting cesarean sections. New York City having one of the highest cesarean rates in the country. Immediately after having a C-section, some of these women are getting tummy tucks. The director touched on celebrity mothers. One in particular was Victoria Beckham, who she said was “too posh to push” because of her three cesarean sections that she had scheduled and planned around her husband’s soccer schedule.

With every crazy, one sided documentary, they have the psycho. Some foreign doctor was talking about how women who have their babies at home pretty much love their babies more than women who have babies at hospitals where they’re all drugged up. Women at home have the privilege of sharing the “love hormone” with their infant because they aren’t full of epidurals and other birth drugs. I thought that was a lot of bullshit.

But anyways, I really liked this documentary a lot. It showed a side of childbirth that a lot of people may not even know anything about.  It amazes me that almost every other country in the world is delivering at home and has a lower infant mortality rate than us here in the US. If you have Netflix, I definitely recommend you watch it. It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, a mother, or a woman that doesn’t want anything to do with children.

Happy Sunday!

Had a great day!

15 Jun


I had an incredible day today! Maybe it was because the weather was so nice or the fact that my interview went amazing! I’m pretty confident that I got the job. All I have to do now is go and meet with the CEO of the company because I’m going to be working under her. The woman that I interviewed with today really liked me and liked the questions that I was asking. She said there’s definitely room for advancement (which is what I LOVE to hear). She also told me that the company pays for benefits which I was flabbergasted about. I’ve never heard of anything like that. She told me that if I go to school for something business related, that they’d give me $2000 a year for tuition and stuff. So I’m definitely considering going to night school to increase my credentials.

Before my interview, I actually had time to go tanning which was good because I haven’t gone for a couple weeks. All in all, it was a really good day. I haven’t had many of those in the passed few months so it was definitely appreciated.

I hope everyone else had a great day too 🙂

The smell you can’t place

15 Jun

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how memories are connected to smell. You can check it out here. It feels so great to smell something that reminds you of a better time and place. But, the other night I was laying in bed with the windows open and I smelled something that reminded me of something that I couldn’t remember. It was a very unbalanced moment for me. The smell gave me such comfort and it was so familiar but not being able to place it with a memory bugged me out. It smelled like stale pine trees and bark. I think it reminded me of Christmas or something.

Such a random, uninteresting post, but I had to talk about it.