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Full moon!

9 Jan

The full moon is looking pretty creepy tonight.

Just thought I’d share 🙂


It’s been too long!

9 Jan

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe it’s 2012 already, but I’m very blessed to be here with the ability to enjoy this new year in good health and surrounded by wonderful people. I couldn’t be happier.

I made a few resolutions this year, but I decided not to go crazy and obsess over them. I think that was my downfall in years past. One of my resolutions was to get more organized. I went to Target a couple days ago and went a little crazy.

I got binders, calendars, planners, sheet protectors, and highlighters. The giant calendar is to plan out meals and stuff for the week. I tend to go to the grocery store and buy enough food for only a couple meals and then I just stock the rest of the cart with junk. So I figured if I plan out the week’s meals in advance I’ll be able to make an appropriate shopping list and that way I’ll also cut down on all the junk food that I buy in replacement of actual meals. Not to mention I’ll only need to go to the store once a week instead of 2 or 3 times. The planners are for keeping track of bills and events. What’s happening when & what bills are due when. It’s come in handy already. It helps me figure out what I need to pay before I start spending my money on nonsense every month.  The highlighters are also for the planners. I’m able to color code events, tasks, bills, and so on. The binders are to organize all the bills I receive every month. I was really bad at keeping track of how much we were paying each month for certain things and now I can see if there is any fluctuation or increase. I hope to be one organized mofo in the next few months.

Another resolution of mine is to read more. I read a little bit last year, especially over the summer when I was unemployed. But I want to read a lot more this year. I’ve gotten great recommendations from co-workers of mine but I’m always open to more, so please help a girl out! I’m already two books down so far this year. I read The Second Time Around by Mary Higgins Clark and Sail by James Patterson. Both were amazing books! Took me a day to read each of them. I’m really into mysteries if you haven’t noticed- haha.

My last and final resolution is sooo damn cliche but… I want to lose weight. But this year I’m going to approach this resolution differently. I’m not going to obsess and do crazy shit like I’ve done in the past. I’m going to start by replacing one of my daily meals with a healthier choice. Then I’ll move to two meals a day and so on until I’m eating healthy all the time. I’m definitely going to exercise a few times a week with my new xbox kinect! I got the Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout game and have been kicking butt. I know I have at least 40 pounds to lose but I’m not going to let it overwhelm me. I’m going to do it one step at a time.

But that’s about it as far as resolutions go. I hope I can stay on track with all of them for awhile at least. If you’ve started a new years resolution, I wish you luck! They seem like a piece of cake at first but then by January 26th you’re about ready to pack it in. Stick it out and don’t get discouraged! You can do it!

Happy Monday!