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Kitchen nightmares!

16 Mar

Some people may think that women belong in the kitchen, but I most certainly don’t belong there.

I had to share, with you, the funniest thing that just happened to me though! I was about to make a salad for lunch and cut up some cucumbers and apples and stuff. I take out the head of ice burg lettuce that I got on Monday and I’m starting to take it apart so that I could wash it and I notice that it’s really thick and rubbery looking. I keep ripping it apart thinking that farther into the head it’ll get thiner. I call Sam in and he looks at it and says, “did you get cabbage?” then he takes a bite and says, “I don’t believe this… you got cabbage instead of lettuce!”

I threw the head of CABBAGE into the garbage in utter embarrassment!


First week of working out!

16 Mar

So today marks the first week of getting back in shape. I feel really good except for the fact that I’ve been suffering with this fuckin’ cyst for the passed couple of days. With no insurance and no money to deal with it, I’m just hanging in there until I can go see a doctor.

I’m scared to weigh myself and I don’t plan on even looking at a scale for another week or two. If I step on a scale today and don’t see a change I’ll be very disappointed and who knows if I’ll feel up to going to the gym tomorrow. I’ve been taking the OxyElite Pro pills again to try and really jump start my work outs and weight loss so I hope that helps kinda shed the pounds. I’ve also been trying to eat better but I have slipped a few times in the passed two weeks. Why is fast food so easy and convenient to possess? UGH!

Everyday I go to the gym and get on the treadmill I find it so much easier to get going and I feel myself lasting longer and running/walking farther. But I feel like I’m doing the same thing everyday only because I don’t know how to really use the other machines. I’m using the elliptical and the treadmill and the stair master but other than that… I don’t use much else. I usually come home and do some work outs with the weights so that my arms get some kinda exercise.

AHHH! I just wanna be skinny!

Girl on girl hatred

14 Mar

I was reading my girl Courtney’s most recent post and it really struck a nerve. I think I actually touched on the subject in a blog like a really long time ago but this kinda thing has a way of always becoming relevant.

I’m talking about girls always hating on other girls. No matter where you are, how old you are, or if you think you do it or not. Why are women so judgmental? Insecure? And feel the need to say so many negative things, and in most cases about a girl that you don’t even know?

You go to the club and you see a girl walk in that looks better than you and automatically you whisper to your girl friends that she’s a slut or you start critiquing what she’s wearing or how much make up she has on. Why are we like that? You can’t “give props” when props are due?

I was at the gym last week and these two grown women jumped on the treadmills next to me. They happened to be friends so they were talking and “speed walking”. I was running at a pretty fast pace trying to get my heart rate up and my music cut out so I heard their conversation. One of the women said to the other one, “look at her, going all fast like that, who is she trying to impress? This is a gym.” And I turned my head to look at them and of course they were looking at me. I just smiled and fixed my Pandora station and kept on running. I’m at a gym working out and it just so happens that I’m running faster than you and that automatically means that I’m trying to impress someone? I’m not just WORKING OUT, at the GYM? That never crossed your mind? In the words of Jim Carey, “Alrighty then!”

I just can’t take women sometimes. We need to be able to do better than this. If you see a woman that has something that you like, why not just tell her that you like it instead of trying to make yourself think that you don’t by negatively analyzing everything else about this particular girl?


So after all of that, I want to challenge every woman that reads this blog to give at least 5 compliments to 5 different girls tomorrow, without any negative remarks to your girl friends afterwards. And live by this new rule: If you don’t know the girl’s name, or anything about her for that matter, don’t say anything negative about her!


My Top Five Beauty Tips

13 Mar

1. This may sound weird, but when I brush my teeth I also brush my lips. I typically do it near the end of my teeth brushing routine. I found that it makes my lips a lot less chapped and soft and it kinda exfoliates them and gets color into them, especially in the morning.

2. When you’re in the shower washing your hair it’s good to make the water a little cooler when you’re rinsing out your conditioner. It closes follicles in your hair and helps prevent split ends and also helps lock in the moisturizer from the conditioner.

3. This is common sense but I just recently found out how important it is! MOISTURIZING! I never really moisturized my face much cuz my skin gets a little greasy after awhile but since I started, my face has really balanced out. Even though it’s a little dry because of the weather and the cold air, the moisturizing is essential, mainly in the winter.

4. I can’t go out of the house without bronzer. My cheeks are naturally red or pink on most days so I don’t use blush but I always use some bronzer because I feel it really opens up my face and brings out a certain glow that I like. Makes you look a lot more awake and healthy, in my opinion. There’s a lot of expensive bronzers out there but you don’t need to get a crazy one. Before I really fell in love with bronzer, I used some kinda Almay product that was pretty cheap and worked great.

5. St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub for Blemish & Blackhead Control. This stuff is amazing. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in a blog before and you’ve probably heard about this product from other people but honestly it’s out of this world! The directions say to use it 3-4 times a week but I use it everyday. I put a dime size amount in my palm and then also a dime size amount of my actual face wash so that it gets really soapy and I wash my face with that and it makes my face so soft and clean.


I know most of these tips are common sense but I thought I’d share cuz I use these tips everyday.

Don’t like it?.. Don’t read it!

13 Mar

I got an email from a reader of my blog. I’m not sure who, considering the email address was ‘’. Or maybe it was gmail or something, anyways, who cares?

This person said that I need to act and conduct myself like a lady and that all this talk about sex and all the cursing won’t get me far in life. This ASSHOLE said that I’m not cute and my blog is stupid and that I need to do something more productive with my time.

Sooo, Mr or Mrs Random… I’d just like to let YOU know that I don’t contribute to MY blog for YOU. This is all for me. So if YOU don’t like it, you fuckin little tart, you don’t need to keep coming back on a daily basis to read it. I have a very foul mouth and I don’t act like a lady unless I need to, cuz it really isn’t me to fuckin’ act all proper and shit, OBVIOUSLY! A lot of people say that they say what’s on their mind no matter what, but 88% of those people are lying. I’m part of the 12% that REALLY don’t give a fuck.

So with all of this being said, if you don’t like something, why would you take time out of your day to WRITE AN EMAIL to that person? Please, Random person, get a life.



My hair is driving me insane!

11 Mar


I feel like I got it cut so long ago and it grew back a little but then just stopped! It’s at a really awkward length and it’s driving me crazy. You can’t really tell from the picture above cuz my head is tilted but yeah… I don’t know what to do. It’s long enough to put up in a ponytail but some of the back always falls out and stuff. Soooo annoying! I want my really long hair back, like right now.

Sorry for the rant, it’s just so agitating!

Charlie Sheen has tiger blood… I have fishy blood!

11 Mar

I LOVE being in the water. I’ve been swimming since I was really young. The water has always been in my life! My family had a few nicknames for me over my life but the first nickname they called me was Fishy, followed by Bug and Katemiester. When I was old enough to join a swim team I couldn’t wait! I was the first one there and the last to leave. I didn’t even mind waking up 5 days a week at 6 am to go to practice. It was amazing!

I guess everyone has that one thing that they like to do that kinda relieves stress and makes you feel good. Considering I haven’t been swimming in a long time I think it’ll help clear my mind and definitely get into shape. If you know how to swim and never tried just swimming laps to get out frustration and stress, you should try it. It’s a very effective workout and you’ll be more uplifted afterwards.


Happy Friday!