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Halloween Shmalloreen

23 Oct
So I havent really gone all out and celebrated Halloween like I use to back in high school. Halloween is suppose to be the holiday where a girl can dress slutty and get away with it. I’m pretty sure I gave that up as soon as I graduated HS. Except for last year. I was a sexy golfer and a love bug klajefijawkjfawejijLOLLLL…
But anyways, this year I have no plans, EXCEPT… I’m going home. Back to Pittsburgh, PA aka Steel City, aka City of Champions. I’ll get to spend time with my parents and my sisters and I’ll finally be able to see my grandma, who I havent seen in awhile. I’m sooo excited.
My younger sister wants me to go see Paranormal Activity with her, which I’ve been wanting to see anyways. And I might try and go to my high school’s football game on Friday night, depending on the weather and what time I get into town.
So I hope everyone else has an awesome and safe Halloween. And if your costume is wack I hope you get pulled over for DUI!

"But I want one NOW!!!"

20 Oct
So I think that I have baby envy.
I work in an office and about 80% of the people I work with are young females. A good amount of them are married and pregnant or just had babies and I want one so bad! I think I would make an amazing mother. I probably want one for all the wrong reasons but I want to be a mommy.
I’m definitely in no financial state to take care of a baby either. So I guess it’ll have to wait.
And F.Y.I., if I’m 25 and still dont have a child. I’m not having any! I dont want to be an old mom.
Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

14 Oct
Here you go ladies.

You’re welcome!

Real Men

2 Oct
I was just curious. What’s the deal with guys not wanting or refusing to buy their wife/girlfriend tampons? Like it’s embarrassing for you or something. Everyone knows they arent for you. So whats the problem.
Please let me know!
Happy Friday everyone!