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My New Favorite Website, besides blogspot!

30 Apr
I love it! I just started using it at work today, mainly because I just now figured out how to use my computer speakers. It’s amazing and I have like 10 different stations.
Just wanted to tell everyone that hasn’t used Pandora that you should. And if you start we can start sharing stations, cuz mine are the best!

My Current To-Do List

29 Apr
1. Paint my nails, cuz they look a mess. But I don’t feel like waiting for them to dry and putting on layers and stuff. Ahh, sucks.
2. Get a hair cut. I want to get a cute shorter cut for summer but I just haven’t gotten around to looking for a good hair stylist in the area. My hair is growing longer by the day and it looks like shit!!!
3. Exercise on a regular basis and stop fucking around. When I started working out again I was doing good and exercising like 5 days out of the week and now I’m lucky if I’m exercising 4 days out of the week. I’m getting so lazy and I need to step it up!
4. Figure out a gift to send my mom for Mother’s Day, like ASAP! It’s coming up and I still don’t know what to send her. I guess flowers would be nice but I’m not the “typical” type of daughter. I want to send her like a dozen different CD’s, but have a midget dressed up like the artist deliver each one! If I could set that up it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
5. Come up with something really special for Sam’s 26th birthday that’s coming up. I already know what I’m getting him but I want to come up with something really special. After all, he is getting up there in the age bracket. He’s going to be in his late 20’s!!!
6. Work on my scrapbook that I’ve abandon since Christmas. I have to put stuff in there from my 21st birthday and Easter. I’m slacking BIG time.
So yeah, I have a lot of things to do that I haven’t even started to implement yet. I’ll get there sooner or later. I’m definitely what most people would call a PROCRASTINATOR! Oh well.
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One of Those Sucky Ass Days!!!

29 Apr

Before this morning I hadn’t taken a shit in weeks. So last night before bed I took some type of laxative and I woke up like a half hour early this morning because my stomach hurt. I went to the bathroom and lost like a pound and a half, just from shitting.

But anyways…

Today was just bad from the minute I got into work. And I thought it was Friday a total of like 7 times throughout the day. I was at work and in a meeting for most of the afternoon and I was secretly listening to my iPod, until it started dying on me. Which completely blowed!

Thank God tomorrow is pay day or else I might have just called off. I need to go buy a cute jean jacket that I can wear with some khakis on Sunday to a first holy communion party, that is pretty casual. But other than that I’m trying to save a bunch of money.

Just felt like releasing some tension and writing about my sucky ass day. I hope everyone else’s day was a lot better than mine.

I Wouldn’t Call Myself An NBA Fan, BUT…

28 Apr
I would call myself an NBA Playoff fan. I don’t like watching regular season games but I’m always updated on them because Sam watches a bunch of them, when I let him, hehehee! But when playoffs come around, I’m as bad as any grown man!!!
Tonight, though, there isn’t really any good games on. I like watching the Cavs play and also the Lakers even though I hate the Lakers.
I also LOVEEEEE this commercial

Just incase you haven’t seen it 🙂
Any NBA fans?

Can You Say PARANOID?!

28 Apr
At work we tend to cross off the current day on the calendar at the end of the day. It’s a habit for everyone really. A girl I work with Nicole is on vacation in Florida for a week and before she left she crossed off all of the days on the calendar up to next Wednesday. I don’t know why, it kinda freaked us all out though. We were all wondering why she didnt just wait until she got back from vacation. It’s kind of like she was jumping the gun a little bit and it threw us all off.

Then another girl I work with named Sarah has one of those little desk calendars that has wisdom quotes and stuff on it. She said that she sometimes finds herself looking at the quotes for days ahead. We all were discussing this today and thought it was weird.
Anyone else weird like me, or is it just no big deal?


26 Apr
Since I’ve been eating right and exercising more frequently, I’ve been having the craziest cravings. But today at work I was craving chocolate like a maniac!!!
I would have even eaten an Almond Joy if I had one, even though I hate those!!! I’m a woman, I crave chocolate and I ate some. So I dont feel bad about it.

EDIT: Just realized this is my 200th post!!! Thanks to everyone for reading and following. I appreciate it!!!

"I Won’t Ruin My Body With Pregnancy"

26 Apr

Recently Jillian Michael’s did an interview with some magazine and somehow, the bitch interviewing her brought up pregnancy. I don’t know if you read that correctly. The interviewer brought up pregnancy with Jillian Michaels. Pregnancy with this manly looking beast!!! Her name should be Michael Jillian.
Anyways, she said that she wanted children but she wouldn’t “ruin” her body with pregnancy. Having children is absolutely and 100% a woman’s choice and I can understand not wanting to have children, but to say that it ruins your body seems a little drama-queen-ish. I dont personally have children but I’m sure that pregnancy definitely changes parts of your body permanently. But to label the changing of your body as ruined is ludacris!!!
She ended up talking about how she wants to adopt, which is cool. In my life I’d definitely like to adopt a child, after having kids of my own.
But I dont know, that really made me mad. Jillian Michaels doesn’t sit right with me. If you’re such a “great” personal trainer I’m sure you’d find a way to get yourself back into amazing shape. That’s all I have to say about that.
Hey did you know I have a new blog?