My name’s not Oscar Mayer, but this is BOLOGNA!

8 Dec

So I was at work today and a pregnant woman was asking me for help looking for shoes, reaching for shoes she couldnt get to, and carrying boxes of shoes for her cuz we dont have carts. She was asking me questions that I dont think I need to know, like “are these shoes made in China?” “do you think the leather on this shoe is made in Germany?” BITCH, I dont know, and I dont think its really part of my job to know. If the shoe looks good, and fits nice then buy it. GOTDAMN! As we were speaking she told me that her baby is due December 25th and that its a boy. I assumed that her husband was with her somewhere in the mall, to drive her and such. She proceded to tell me that she drove to the mall herself and then asked me to help her take her bags to her car. At first, I thought the bitch was crazy, cuz thats not part of my job. But then I thought “ok, shes pregnant, she cant carry all this heavy stuff by herself. Fuck her husband for not coming with her.” So I helped her. She thanked me, offered me money. Of course I didnt take it but I would consider that charity.

I go back to work feeling good, knowing I just helped out a pregnant woman. Then an old man comes up to me and offers me money to do porn cuz him and his wife are in the “industry.” I’m just happy I didnt get fired today, cuz there was a lot of stuff that I held back. After all that, Ashlin, a friend at work, clocked in and we were talking. She told me some long ass story about how she cheated on her boyfriend the night before cuz he was out of town. BLAH! That pissed me off also, eventhough I’m in no way involved. It pissed me off to think that girls actually cheat. I like blaming the guys for that sort of thing. Its just weird to think about people cheating, only because I dont know how. Not like I’m complaining. I’ve been cheated on, and I never understood that but its whatever. Shes in the kinda relationship that thrives off of drama, so I guess she just added more fuel to her fire. Cheating is for losers.Period.

Now all I’m thinking about is going home for christmas. I’m in Cali now so being in this climate and atmosphere doesnt feel anything like the christmas season to me. So I’m at home listening to christmas music and trying to remember what snow looks like. I’ve only been gone for about 4 months, I’m just being dramatic. California isnt a bad place to live but its definitely not for me. I like SEASONS. I cant take warm weather all year long. I like wearing hoodies and coats and jackets and sweaters and stuff. The only people I’m concerned about seeing when I go home is my family, my bubby bear, and Mandi LOL. If I get to see anyone else it would be cool but I’m not making any other plans.

So yeah, thats it.

17 days :)….


One Response to “My name’s not Oscar Mayer, but this is BOLOGNA!”

  1. asia kismet December 8, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    hahahahaha you know the valley is like the world capital for porn right? and you can have your seasons! they’re overrated. at least in cali if you want to see the snow you go to the mountains [2 hour drive]then come back down and be happy to be warm again….that to me is the perfect christmas…lolmuahhahahahahahhaha@the porn thing again….lol

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