OMG! I’m about to throw a BITCH FIGHT… Dont make me have a B.F… WTF?!

16 Dec

I thought it wasnt suppose to rain in southern California? What is goin on?! I’m about to get Noah on the gotdamn phone and get on building this fuckin arch. I went shopping today and had to run in and out the rain. Kinda sucked. Woulda been better if it was snow but I’m not complaining, I kept my trusty umbrella ella ella eh eh eh with me all day 🙂 So it wasnt so bad but my hair was a mess. But anyways.. One week until I go home! I gotta work tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. Maybe that will make my week go faster. I hope so. My aunt is leaving to go home on Thursday, so I’m gonna be all by myself for like 4 days, and I’m scared so if anyone wants to come keep me company I’m down.. So today I go and buy some jeans, a few sweaters and stuff and a pair of sneakers. And some stupid chinese dude talked me into buying all this shoe polish and shoe protective stuff that I dont see myself using. I’m about to put it on craigs list LOL. I couldnt even understand him and I was in a hurry so I was like “yeah, sure, gimme that one too. Yeah, I’ll find some time to use that one just put it in the bag.” But I did donate $2 to some charity or foundation or something for children 🙂 .. I cant say no to the kids.

OMG! And I dunno if its just in the area that I’m living in or if people are really just broke but everytime I go to the shopping center to get groceries theres ALWAYS people comin up to me asking me for money cuz they are unemployed and homeless and shit. Every single time I go out. I’m not unemployed but if I give anymore money to these broke mothereffin assholes I’m gonna be just as broke as them. I’m thinkin its a skam of some sort, cuz the people that are always comin up to me got like the same story and they all got lil chilren with them. Hmmm.. I’m done giving my money to them tho. Sheesh… I’m listening to that Foreign Exchange album right now, as always. Its amazing and if you havent heard it yet, you need to.

But I’m off to bed…

2 Responses to “OMG! I’m about to throw a BITCH FIGHT… Dont make me have a B.F… WTF?!”

  1. asia kismet December 16, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    hahahaha i know i know it actually does rain there. just not often like what you’re seeing now will probably be it for the new year …loland hahahahaaha@getting conned into buying shoe cleaner. it always happens to my husband. like one time we’re at the gas station. and a person outside is selling rim cleaner…[mind you my volvo just has stock rims on it…i aint tryin to flash] so he was like we need to get it.

  2. oNe mAn gAng December 16, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    not to poke fun….but don’t let Raphael and the boys steer you wrong…Raphael also said “You Should Be Here”, but trust-You want NO parts of this COLD ASS CHI WEATHER!

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