I come with BAGGAGE!

21 Dec

I leave to go home on Tuesday and I pull out my 3 piece luggage set that I bought shortly after I got to Cali. I’m lookin at this shit like “damn I thought you 3 pieces of luggage were bigger.” And yes, I’ve been home alone for over 48 hours so I begin to talk to luggage. Anywho.. I’m shoving random articles of clothing into the luggage just to see how much I can fit. I’m packing a lot of like sweaters and hoodies cuz I’m thinkin after all this warm weather I’m gonna be a little bit of a baby when I get back to the coldness. SO I get a good amount of clothes in there and I’m like “ok, I can mostly fit all this in there.” Mind you, I’m a horrible packer. I pack EVERYTHING! So I’m looking and I gotta bring a few pairs of shoes. Gotta have some nice ones to wear on christmas, gotta bring some sneakers cuz I have a very important basketball match up against a very special man, and I gotta have some like chill shoes. Oh, and I cant forget my slippers. So I’m pullin out clothes that I hopefully wont wear and I make room for the shoes. I got like 7 pairs of shoes in this little ass bag. Then I’m like “alright, I’m good.” Then it hits me. What the fuck about the christmas presents I got my mom, dad, and little sisters? So I’m clearing out more clothes, I put away a pair of shoes and I finally fit the gifts in as well. And then I look at it and I’m like “ok good. Now lemme take out all this random bullshit and put in all the stuff I’m actually gonna bring.” Luckily I have like 2 days to do laundry and sort out all this stuff cuz its gonna take me awhile… BUT I’m still very excited. Not only will I get to see family, friends, my bubby bear, and my puppy, but I bought a really cute, fly ass wool coat that I cant wear in LA. So I’m excited about that too. But yeahhhh.. a little over 48 hours and I’ll be on my way back to the eastcoast :)…

One Response to “I come with BAGGAGE!”

  1. asia kismet December 21, 2008 at 10:17 am #

    yay and girl it’s been snowing tooooooo………..booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi’m so not a fan of snow.but yeah the great thing about cali is winter clothes go on sale mad early so you can get a lot for when you come out here.

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