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Dining Room Project UPDATE!

13 Feb

Just thought I’d post my dining room project update tonight. I added a few new things over the weekend. Finally got some curtains that I really like. They remind me of the curtains that Julie Andrews made ‘play clothes’ with in The Sound of Music – haha! And I got really, really cute, cheap lamps that I love.

My new favorite part of the room though is the window that I found at the thrift shop. I painted it a burgundy, purple kinda color. And I painted it sloppy just so it kinda looked old and worn. I also glued on some fake flowers, which I think looks really cute.

I still have some stuff to clear out of the room and I’m still looking for the perfect pictures and stuff, so I know this room won’t be complete for awhile. Oh well, I’m having a lot of fun taking this room on as my new project 🙂

Happy Monday!


Dining Room Project!

10 Feb

We moved into our apartment at the beginning of August and we have yet to use our dining room. It’s just a room to leave junk in and pile things on the dining room table. The size of the room is very awkward so fitting the dining room table and chairs and everything in it was a pretty tight fit. I was kind of angry that we weren’t using it at all so I decided to turn the dining room table into a desk and kinda make the dining room MY room. Sam has his own little space and I didn’t really have an area of the apartment to call my own so, TA-DAAAA!

It’s still a work in progress but I thought I’d post pics, from beginning to where I am now 🙂

Yesterday when I started cleaning up the space, we still had our Christmas tree in here. SMH, what a shame. I started off with my laptop in the room but decided that I’d move my desktop computer in here instead. I like it a lot better. This weekend I plan on finally putting the curtains up and going shopping for some shelving or something. I might get another lamp also, because the overhead light is unbearable.

If you’ve done something like this please let me know! I’d love advice.