I am BACK!… for the moment at least.

24 Sep

It’s been almost two months since my last blog and I can’t believe I’ve neglected you this long. A lot has happened and a lot has changed and I can’t believe how everything has turned out since my previous roller coast ride blog entries from a few months ago. Things have really turned around for me and I feel so grateful.

Our apartment that we moved into is finally feeling more like home and we’re now in the “decorative” stages (Oh Lord, help us!). My family came to visit at the beginning of last month and it was their first time in New Jersey visiting me and we had such a great time. And since then I actually made my way home for a weekend which was fun, minus all the traveling nightmares that I had to deal with, which is a whole different story.

I’m absolutely loving my job! I love the people I work with and, most of the time, I love the work that I’m doing. I’m making good money and soon I’ll be getting promoted so I’m super excited about that. As of right now I’m working part time which I don’t mind at all. I get to leave the office at 3pm and I get every other Friday off, and who doesn’t like a three day weekend? NOBODY!

My dad is doing a lot better and recently got a new job that he’s really liking. My sister Rachel got put on the varsity cheer leading squad and my youngest sister Nicole, who is a freshman in high school btw, is playing on the varsity soccer team. I’m so happy for all of them.

Well, I thought I’d kinda catch everyone up on what has been going on recently and I’ll definitely attempt to blog a little more, especially since I got a new laptop yesterday! It’s totally awesome too.

Hope everyone had a fun Saturday night and stay tuned!


It’s been awhile…

2 Aug

 As of right now I’m sitting in my new apartment, on my new furniture, and feeling like I have a whole new lease on life. Things have really been coming together lately and I’m absolutely loving my new job! We just moved into the apartment on Sunday and we’ve got a lot of stuff put together already. Yesterday we got the internet and cable hooked up and today the living room furniture finally came.

But the greatest new ever issss… My parents and my sisters are coming out here on Friday and staying until Sunday. They’re coming to drop off a ton of boxes from my aunts of some random household stuff that they don’t need and I didn’t want to buy :). This will be the first time my parents have come out here since I’ve been out here. It’s always been me going back and forth to Pittsburgh. My sisters are so excited to go to the boardwalk and stuff and I’m just excited about all of them being there. My dad is doing a lot better and is out of rehab since this passed Saturday.

It’s been nothing but great news lately and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m definitely sooo thankful after the passed few months I’ve had.

I hope everyone else is doing great and enjoying their summer 🙂

Yesterday was a good day.

19 Jul


Yesterday started off a little iffy but ended up being the greatest day EVER! We got the call that our application for the apartment went through. So around 4:30 we went to see all of the available apartments and then were able to pick our favorite. We chose an apartment in the pet-free building and it’s actually a lot bigger than the other, older apartments. The kitchen was just renovated, the bathroom and bedroom walk-in closet were twice the size as the other apartments, so it was an obvious choice.

Sam has terrible credit and I don’t have any credit so his mom had to co-sign for us. And since her credit is perfect we were pre-approved for this thing called Sure Deposit. That means that we don’t have to give them the one and a half months security deposit. All we need to give them is $218. So we’re saving over $1000. Now we’re able to get some new furniture and some other stuff we may need.

We move in July 30th – August 1st considering when the inspection is done. I’m sooooo excited!

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Rachel!

17 Jul


With all the craziness going on and how busy I’ve been, I forgot to blog about my little sister’s 16th birthday that was this passed Friday. I can’t believe I have a 16 year old little sister. I don’t even think I should be calling her my “little” sister, considering she isn’t so little anymore. She’s such an amazing, beautiful young woman and I love her! I hope she had a really great birthday. I was trying to make it home and surprise her but that didn’t happen.

I don’t think she reads my blog too often but I wanted to wish her a belated happy birthday anyway!

Love you!

One step forward, two steps back

14 Jul


As you can tell from my previous posts, good news is very scarce in my life right now. Today, I got great news about the new job. I was so excited! I was so excited that I even decided to call my dad and let him know. I hardly ever call my dad so you know this news caught me and him off guard. When I talked to him he didn’t sound right. He just sounded sad or tired or something. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he didn’t sleep much the night before. So after we hung up I called my mom and told her and she congratulated me and then hit me with, what else… bad news!!! She told me that my dad was checking into rehab tomorrow morning for alcoholism. My dad’s alcohol abuse was never a secret in my household. I don’t remember a time when he didn’t go from drinking coffee in the morning straight to drinking beer afterward. Alcohol was the reason him and I never got along. I could never talk to him and I hated bringing friends over cuz honestly, he embarrassed me. In the mornings my dad and I would talk and everything was great because he was sober. But anytime after 1:00pm it was a whole different story. I told him that we’d never get along because I felt that all he wanted to do was drink. He thought I was crazy.

My dad would never leave the house without “bringing a beer along for the ride”. Even when he was driving my sisters and I places. Obviously, from then on, we knew that there was a serious problem that no one wanted to confront. My dad has tried to stop drinking 3 times already by himself, without any success. He either gets the shakes or he’s throwing up or he gets headaches or he can’t sleep. He’s so depressed now and he’s losing weight and it’s so sad to me. I don’t know how to feel about him checking into rehab. I feel good because he’s actually going to get help and isn’t trying to fight with my mom about it. It just sucks that it had to come to this.

I feel like once my dad is sober and really stops drinking that we can really start to build a better father/daughter relationship. I just hate how much time has been wasted.

And after that bad news I found out that our application was denied because our credit isn’t good enough. Therefore, we need a co-signer now. BOOOOO!

I got the job!

14 Jul

It’s been forever since I heard from the company that I interviewed with a few weeks ago (the job that I felt really good about). I pretty much gave up on them and actually went on another interview on Monday and got that position. But I got an email from the previous company this afternoon and they offered me the position. It’s a lot closer to where I’ll be living and they pay a lot more. And a bonus is that I get Fridays off! Amen to a three day weekend.

I start next Friday. I think I’ll just go in and fill out paperwork and just kinda get the feel for everything. The only sucky thing is that I have court the following Monday at 9 am. I told them about it and I hope to hear back from them that it’s not a big deal. I’m really excited to start. I’m a little nervous about all the responsibility and all the new people I’ll be meeting but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Wish me luck!

One of your favorite childhood memories!

6 Jul


Growing up, Sunday mornings and early afternoons were dedicated to cleaning up the house. If your room wasn’t clean by 1:00pm on Sunday you weren’t allowed to have fun for the rest of the day!

Every Sunday my parents would put on music in the living room and it would circulate through the entire house, thanks to these huge, dope ass speakers that my dad had at the time. We’d listen to everything from Aerosmith to Sade, Elvis Costello to James Taylor, Sting to Gladys Knight & the Pips which was my ultimate FAVORITE album. I remember always waiting to hear Midnight Train to Georgia because when it finally came on, my mother and I would leave whatever area we were cleaning and meet up in the living room. Who ever was playing the role of Gladys would grab a remote or hairbrush in an attempt to mimic a microphone and the other person would be the back up singers. We never rehearsed any dance moves but I felt like once we got started singing and laughing that our rhythm fell into sync with each other and  our dance moves were so harmonized I almost felt as if I was Gladys Knight or maybe one of the Pips – LOL!

As I write this blog entry I’m listening to the song and realizing how truly amazing it is. Not only for it’s great lyrics and “groovy” melody but because it brought my mother and I closer if only for a few minutes on those hectic Sunday mornings.