As if Mondays aren’t bad enough…

3 Oct

I thought today was going to be a good day… Who was I kidding? Did I totally forget that it’s Monday?

Over the weekend I went out and got a pair of black stockings and a really cute pair of little black bootie heels. I wore them today with a black dress and a mustard yellow cardigan. I got dressed this morning and needless to say, I was definitely feeling myself. I felt really good about my outfit. I hardly ever get that dressed up for work. I get in the car and drive to Wawa and buy a pack of cigarettes and an old man with no front teeth held the door for me and said “good morning beautiful”. Not that I needed a toothless old man’s validation but it still made me smile.

I get back in the car and turn on some awesome music and drive my ass to work. AND… I ended up actually being on time, which is rare for a Monday morning. I’m walking through the lobby and there’s a group of 30 something year old guys standing about 20 feet from the elevator. Two of the five or six guys walk over to the elevator and push the button for the elevator to come down and pick me up. They say “hello”, I say “good morning”. They end up not even having to get on the elevator. They were just beingĀ courteous.

I get up to the third floor, walk down the hallway, into my office and sit down at my desk. Turned on my computer and was thinking that it was going to be a really good day. I reach down under my desk and fix the zipper on one of my heels and I run my hands up my leg to make sure that my stockings weren’t sagging or anything and then I feel it… The worst thing that could have happened. The thing I have been trying to prevent since I put the damn stockings on that morning. A FUCKING HUGE RUNNER! Right behind my knee. It was like 6+ inches long and I felt like sinking under my desk and hiding. I was so mad cuz I knew that something like this was going to happen. I knew that if I tried to dress cute to work that something would back fire.

Then I sat there for a minute thinking about everyone that I saw so far that morning and what they probably thought when they saw the gigantic hole on the back of my leg. The guys downstairs that so kindly caught the elevator for me probably thought I was a damn train wreck. And that poor, old, toothless man at Wawa probably thought that I was a fucking whore. Oh my gosh. I knew I couldn’t walk around with a big hole in my stockings all day so I talked to my boss and she allowed me to go home and get changed. I was soooo freakin grateful.

When I finally got back to work, I got trapped in the elevator for like 5 minutes. Terrifying!

Just wasn’t my day today, apparently.


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