One of your favorite childhood memories!

6 Jul


Growing up, Sunday mornings and early afternoons were dedicated to cleaning up the house. If your room wasn’t clean by 1:00pm on Sunday you weren’t allowed to have fun for the rest of the day!

Every Sunday my parents would put on music in the living room and it would circulate through the entire house, thanks to these huge, dope ass speakers that my dad had at the time. We’d listen to everything from Aerosmith to Sade, Elvis Costello to James Taylor, Sting to Gladys Knight & the Pips which was my ultimate FAVORITE album. I remember always waiting to hear Midnight Train to Georgia because when it finally came on, my mother and I would leave whatever area we were cleaning and meet up in the living room. Who ever was playing the role of Gladys would grab a remote or hairbrush in an attempt to mimic a microphone and the other person would be the back up singers. We never rehearsed any dance moves but I felt like once we got started singing and laughing that our rhythm fell into sync with each other and  our dance moves were so harmonized I almost felt as if I was Gladys Knight or maybe one of the Pips – LOL!

As I write this blog entry I’m listening to the song and realizing how truly amazing it is. Not only for it’s great lyrics and “groovy” melody but because it brought my mother and I closer if only for a few minutes on those hectic Sunday mornings.


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