Smelling memories

4 Jun

I was just feeding through the Post A Day page when I came across a blog that I thought was really interesting (you can read it here). It’s about smells being connected to memories you may have from childhood, or any time for that matter.

It’s funny how smells can transport you back to certain times in your life. For example, any time I smell someone cooking stuffed cabbage or stuffed peppers or pasta fasule or any type of hunky food, I get taken back to the summers that I practically lived at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother has narcolepsy so when she wasn’t passed out on her bed or in the computer chair from playing too much Solitaire, she was most likely in the kitchen cooking some delicious meals. I remember lying in her bed listening to Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald and hearing pots and pans in the background clanking together and smelling all the amazing aromas coming from the kitchen.

Whats even funnier is that anytime I smell musty, old marijuana smoke, I think of my best friend growing up. Whenever I would go over her house that smell would overcome me. When I was young I had no idea what the smell was. I always thought it was just the way her house smelled. You know, how everyone’s house kinda has it’s own unique smell. Now that I’m older, I know what marijuana smells like, and it makes me laugh to think that her parents probably smoked all over the house after my friend and her brother went to bed. Whatever floats their boat – haha!

When most people smell chlorine they think of summer fun and splashing around in the pool on hot, humid days. When I smell chlorine, I think of the endless laps I had to swim at 6:30 am during swim team practice. I can still hear the whistles and the synchronized splashing from swimmers diving off the blocks into the freezing cold water. When I think back on it, I think there needs to be a law that kids shouldn’t be in the pool before 11 am, especially when the pool isn’t heated!

Whenever I smell Clinique’s Happy perfume, I automatically think of my mother. Which is ironic because my mother was a Prozac fiend! She needed medication to make her truly “happy” with her life and surroundings. I guess most of it was due to stress and my behavior growing up, but when I would smell that perfume on her, it somehow made me feel happy too. When my mother went grocery shopping, she never wanted me or my sisters to go with her. Other than going to work, it was her time out of the house and we were not even allowed to ask to go with her. One day my mom was getting ready to go run her errands and she walked down the steps and asked me if I’d like to join her on her grocery trip and of course I was ecstatic. I remember my mother and I walking down the aisles in the store and pushing the cart and I had my head leaned on her arm and I could smell that Happy perfume and it made me feel so loved and secure.

I’m not sure why smell has such a distinct connection to memory. I’m sure I can google it and find out. All I do know is that it’s nice to smell a memory once and a while. A truly nostalgic feeling.


3 Responses to “Smelling memories”

  1. Ashok Mani June 5, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    Nice post..!! 🙂


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    […] couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how memories are connected to smell. You can check it out here. It feels so great to smell something that reminds you of a better time and place. But, the other […]

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