Weekend Wrap-Up!

30 May

(Sam and his cousin’s son Gabriel)

This passed weekend was pretty eventful. Well, more eventful than most, I should say. On Friday it was Sam’s birthday! He just turned 27 years old (I know, he’s getting up there) LOL! We had an appointment with my lawyer that morning but after that we hung out and then went to dinner later on in the evening. We went to Longhorns for the first time and I have to say I was impressed. I know that they are affiliated with Olive Garden and stuff so I thought it would be like fake, mediocre kind of food. But I got the grilled chicken and strawberry salad and it was amazing! I really, really liked it. I always put strawberries in my salads and I never thought a restaurant would catch on to the idea, but luckily, they did. Sam got ribs and his dad got a chicken sandwich and they liked it a lot, so I think we’ll go back soon.

Saturday, Sam had to work but managed to get out early and we were able to go to his sister and his cousin’s graduation party in northern New Jersey. A lot of Sam’s cousins were there that are in the military that we don’t get to see often so we had a really good time. We played a bunch of card games that involved drinking and some “bucket pong”, which is like beer pong but outside with buckets and a tennis ball. Sounds rather easy, but trust me, it is not!

Sunday I just hung out till about 5 when Sam got out of work and today is about the same. Tomorrow Sam is off and I hope we’ll get together with his cousins down here and spend the day in the sun!

The beginning of summer is upon us people, and I couldn’t be happier.


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