I cannot have “quiet time”

8 May

I was reading my girl Courtney’s blog the other day and she had an entry that was titled “I Need Some Unplug Time.” She talked about how she wanted to start spending some time with herself. Not checking her Facebook and Twitter from her iPhone or sending emails and stuff from her laptop. She needed “me time”, basically.

I thought this was a good idea cuz I’m always on my phone, computer, xbox, ect. Today, I was bored and had just went to get a new notebook so I thought I’d just go down to the lake in my community and just write and try to just be with myself and chill. Well, for me, that’s easier said than done. I thought about a lot of things but peace of mind was not one of them. This is how my thought process went, in order:

-Fuck! I forgot my chap stick in the car. My lips feel mad dry.

-There is a shit load of pollen all over everything (As you can see from the picture above. There is a green film over everything!).

-I wonder how the Lakers are doing.

-If that damn bug flies passed my ear one more time, it’s curtains!

-Aww, is that a birds nest?… Oh shit, no, that’s a beehive.

After that I felt it was time to just take my stuff and head on to find something else to do. I’m going to master this peace-of-mind, alone, me time thing. But today was not a good start if you ask me.

How do you relax?


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