Interview #4 – Andrew with VERBATIM Clothing

24 Jan


Name: Drew A. Co-Owner of VERBATIM Clothing

Location: Sin City

Age: 19

Why did you decide to call your t-shirt line Verbatim?

Well, my partner PJ already had the name for the brand and a basis of what he wanted to do with the brand so shout outs to him for it. Once he told me the name and direction I fell in love with it. The definition of Verbatim is “To quote word for word” which we can take in a bunch of directions and we ultimately decided to stick with that after we both went back and forth on different names.

What was the hardest part about getting this far with Verbatim?

The hardest part in my opinion is getting the attention of the public. We could have the dopest designs in the industry but without being in the public eye, we would go nowhere. We are planning on doing a lot of promotion, contest, and a lot of fan interaction once we hit a certain marker with our twitter @VERBATIMclth. We believe once we have more designs and more people wearing our clothing the attention will come along with the excitement for what we are trying to put together.

If you could have one celebrity promote your line, what celebrity would you choose and why?

Well, collectively we’d want Kendrick Lamar of Compton, California to endorse us. What he is doing and the progression he is making is remarkable in such a short time. We admire his talents and work ethic and what better then a new face in rap giving a new face in street wear a chance.

How many people are apart of the Verbatim team and does everyone have their own job to do or do you all just mesh well together?

Verbatim is made up of three individuals. The mastermind behind it all is PJ (@PJofV). Gary (@GARYofV) is the equalizer. PJ and I usually have very different ideas and we have Gary as that vote to decide what to go with. Then we have myself. Right now I deal with the online ordering. And that’s mostly it as far as individual tasks. We have our own jobs but we all work together in decision making for the brand. No one-person reigns over anybody in the project. We are all our own checks and balances.

Down the road, are you looking to expand the line into more than t-shirts? Can we expect hoodies, hats, pants, or anything like that?

We definitely want to move into designing more then just T-Shirts but we are going to wait and hold off. We have ideas ready to go for nearly everything, so with the more support we receive the more we will be able to do more with our brand. We’ve been doing very well with sales so some things might be pushed up that we want to print.

What advice would you give to someone else trying to become an entrepreneur?

Have a very strong group of individuals around you who is starting your project; I realize I’m blessed to have the dudes I’m starting the project with. Be original, rehashing old ideas will be your demise. The best part of all this is being able to showcase our artistic design and have people admire it. Last thing is have thick skin. Not everybody will immediately fall in love with what you are doing. Take constructive criticism and build off that. You’re project will only go as far as you take it.

What inspired you to start this project?

Gary, PJ and myself have always been into sneakers and street wear. We both had visions on what “the next big street wear line” should contain, and with no relevant brands coming out of Las Vegas our inspiration came from trying to be a face and pioneer in our city.

What is your overall goal for Verbatim?

Our overall goal is to create something for our city. All of us being natives of Las Vegas, we want to make our city proud, and give the city its only clothing line to wear and love.

Thank you for the chance and opportunity to showcase what we are doing on your blog Kate. We appreciate the love we are receiving from all over the country and especially from my #NT family. Good luck with the blog and you will definitely see a lot of plugging from our side!




I’m so grateful to Andrew for being able to answer some questions for me. It’s great to be able to talk to someone that has such drive and ambition for what they’re doing and I wish VERBATIM Clothing much success.

Go support VERBATIM!

I ordered a t-shirt and it’s on it’s way so if you’re interested in ordering one of the t-shirts shown at the top of my blog go to VERBATIM’s blog @ There is pricing information and what you’ll need to do in order to receive your shirt. And also subscribe to their blog!

Follow Drew on twitter at @DREWofV and follow @VERBATIMclth to see what’s going on with the company.



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