It’s okay not to be okay…

16 Jan


So, I just got some pretty bad news about a family member of mine. I won’t get into it right now but it came out of nowhere and came while I was still celebrating the Steeler’s win. Going from extreme high to extreme low is never a good feeling.

In my family I’m always the strong one. Telling everyone that everything is going to work out, but now I’m not so sure. I’m bothered by the news I got but I didn’t feel that I needed to be strong this time. It’s hard to always be so solid with no emotions, and I want it to be known that sometimes it’s ok for everything NOT to be ok. Shit gets hard occasionally and crying doesn’t mean that you lost or you’ve failed. It’s good to get that shit out once in a while.

While I’m shit talking and watching the Steeler game a member of my family is suffering. Man, I’ll tell you, it’s a horrible feeling to know that someone so close to you is in pain, and can’t be helped. It puts a lot of things into perspective for me though. A lot of trivial things that I’ve been worrying about lately will be taken care of without any complaints on my end. Guaranteed.


And before you say anything negative to or about someone, just know that everyone is fighting a war that you know nothing about.


Have a blessed evening everyone!


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