Update on Oxyelite Pro

1 Nov
Like the idiot that I am, I took my first pill the day before I left on  my trip back home. I thought to myself, “Katie, you know you’re going to be eating terrible in Pittsburgh, maybe you should wait till you get back to begin taking them again.” So I agreed with myself and didn’t start really taking them till I got back. The pills made me very jittery and anxious. These are both noted side effects, but I didn’t think they’d affect me like that considering I drink soda and caffeine like water. The first few days I was taking them I could handle all of that but when I kept taking them they kinda made my workouts harder to do cuz I was shaking and almost getting nauseous. 
I stopped taking them for a weekend when I went to Sam’s sister’s house, only cuz I forgot them. When I got back I started getting sick so I thought I’d wait till I feel better and ready to start working out again. 
They definitely made me lose weight. I was losing a little over a pound every day. They keep you from really getting hungry so you need to make sure that you eat while taking them. The pills also kept me from eating late night snacks and I think that really helped me. 
Just thought I’d update on this considering I got a few emails and comments about it.
Happy Monday everyone!

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