Shew Fly.. DON’T Bother Me!

7 Mar

So the weather in Pittsburgh has been amazing. It was just 75 degrees yesterday. So we had the doors and the windows open, getting fresh air into the house. I even did some spring cleaning a little bit early. But as I was sitting watching t.v. I heard a noise. The most annoying and frustrating noise everrrrr. I would rather listen to a car alarm go off for 45 minutes. Or a woman with long ass nails claw at a chalkboard before I have to hear the sound I heard. I thought I was gonna pull out my hair or scratch my eyes outtt!… It was the sound of….


A fly like flying passed my ear. OMFGG!>!asdlfkjaisfdgjasldjf.. I hate that sound more than anything. Then I get all paranoid, and then I feel like flies are all over me… GRRRR!… But yeah.. Just thought I’d share that. Hopefully everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.. and dont forget to watch UNC -vs- duke at 4 pm 🙂


One Response to “Shew Fly.. DON’T Bother Me!”

  1. asia kismet March 8, 2009 at 8:50 am #

    i can’t stand duke…i hope they lose.

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