22 Jan

I just got done watching the Tyra show and WOW! She had atleast 18 girls, ages ranging from 12-17. Half of them were pregnant and the other half WANTED TO BE PREGNANT! It was ridiculous and these girls sounded so stupid. One girl was talking about how she wanted to get pregnant so it would bring her and her EX-BOYFRIEND closer together when the dude said flat out he doesnt want a baby now or in the future. But she said she’s gonna still try and get pregnant. I was never this stupid when I was 12-17 and having babies was the LAST thing on my mind. Like I can see if you get pregnant as a teenager, cuz everyone makes mistakes and stuff and I definitely commend those that KEEP the babies. Thats very honorable. But to actually want to be pregnant. I think the reason for this is their parents treat them too good and they think if they get pregnant that mom and dad are just gonna let them stay in the house as long as they need to and pay for shit. If they knew going into it that mom was gonna kick them out the house, I BET they wouldnt want a baby anymore, or if they knew it cost like, what, $11,000+ to raise a baby in the first year alone. And then some retarded ass bitch said that she got pregnant cuz she “could get on welfare and in my state they give you an apartment to live in thats paid for and I could just go to school and bring my baby with me and then get a job and stuff and not have to live under my mom’s rules.” Tyra snapped back like “oh no, mom has rules? Thats horrible.” I was like YEAHHHH tell em T. Grandma and I were in shockkk watching this show. One reason because I have 2 younger sisters, 11 and 13, and to think of them having sex or even them thinking about being pregnant scares me. Immediately after watching the show I texted my sister Rachel. All I said was “If I find out that you even hug a boy, I’m taking back the clothes I got you for christmas.” That in itself scared her I could tell cuz she replied, “why would you do something like that to me?” LOL. But anyways… moving on….

How about them STILLERSSS?!(Before people try to correct my spelling, thinking I’m an idiot, just know this is how people from Pittsburgh pronounce it) I’m thinking that we’re about to get that 6th superbowl win. I kinda doubted them in the middle of the season, and you never know about Big Ben. Yes, he’s a cry baby. But he definitely gets the job done and I’m sure that the steelers will beat on the Cardinals. Without a doubt in my mind. Only thing I’m worried about is getting home in time for the Superbowl parade after we do win.

On Sunday I went to the DooDa parade. Ask me if it was worth it and I’ll tell you I shoulda stayed in bed or atleast stayed home to watch the Eagles get shit on by the Cardinals. It was like a parody of the Rose Bowl parade and obviously people take this parade very seriously. We got there a good hour before the parade and the streets were filled. So we just kinda chilled in the back and sat on benches and I got to take pictures of palm trees. It was cool though. The weather was nice. OMG and there was this dude that was kinda dressed up looking like a mime. His face was painted and he had on all black with white gloves and one of those little french lookin hats and he was carrying around signs but the sign ontop said “Katie you look like shit.” I see him walk across the street and he starts running or else I would have tried to get a picture with him. I have no idea what the sign was for or who it was for but it was hilarious and I felt like it was some kind of message from God telling me that I should have taken more time to get ready that morning. But oh well… We all have our days I guess…


6 Responses to “O-M-G!”

  1. Jenny Fidelity January 22, 2009 at 6:21 pm #

    I actually enjoyed/enjoy being a teenage mother. My reasons to have/keep my child weren’t based on the stupidity these girls were splattering. I saw this episode a few weeks ago and went speechless. The sad thing a good majority of them will tell you that they are having a baby “to have someone to love them.” They don’t feel like they are gettting love from home, if it be true or not. It’s sad what lengths our generation go to for an emotion. When they don’t realize it when it’s staring them in the face.Oh and Katie, it’s the Cardinals year. =D

  2. K-Dub January 22, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

    Hell yeah, those girl are trying to fill some kind of void that they think a baby will fill. Which is a ridiculous way to think… But Cardinals year? I dont think so, but we’ll see šŸ™‚

  3. Andrina January 22, 2009 at 8:02 pm #

    I just dont understand.You have sooo much to live for. Enjoy being a teenager b/c life is NOT JOKE, especially once youre on your own.Im 26 and still have no children b/c I want to be able to support myself & my children w/ no problems….Plus, I wanted to have my freedom & enjoy clubbing, meeting people, etc.[Im a lil stingy too ;)]

  4. Morgan January 23, 2009 at 1:56 pm #

    I think there is a gene implanted in women that urges them to get pregnant and momentarily stunts there intellect……and there is a gene implanted in us men called “The Stupo gene” that blocks any kind of intelligence or common sense when it comes to having sex. The gene overrides all intellect and all we here is a little voice saying . “Go ahead, go ahead don’t worry you can do this. Without any care of the consequences.

  5. K-Dub January 24, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    ^ I definitely agree with you about the Stupo gene LOL

  6. parrotnutz March 17, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    The dude with the “Katie looks like shit” sign was a scientology critic. The sign was referring to Tom Cruise`s wife, Katie. Katie has been on a scientology program called the “purification”, which is potentially very dangerous. High doses of niacin (among other vitamins and oil)causes liver damage. Google scientology+purification for info. Please, get informed about this dangerous cult and tell your friends, too.

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